18th SEPTEMBER 2021

Hello from your President Kerry Benson

m: 0409 860 001

This is the newsletter that I hesitate to write as I will express views on Covid controversy about gatherings of vaccinated and unvaccinated people. My wife, Sue and I are both double vaccinated. Sue has been diagnosed recently with pulmonary fibrosis, an incurable lung disease so we will obviously be taking extreme care. The future is looking better, for Covid vaccinated people at least. As usual there is some controversy about mandating anything. Remember past cases such as wearing seat belts, motorcycle helmets, speed limits, industrial health & safety laws, military conscription, etc. There were always some “refusers”. However, one of the great strengths of our Australian society is the recognition of free speech and respect for human rights of individuals. Dealing with the Covid virus is an issue of risk management where actions of individuals can present life and death issues for others and themselves. I suppose smoking vs non-smoking was similar but not quite as deadly. We all risk contracting the virus in everyday activities. We minimise risk in the short term through lockdowns, mask wearing, sanitising hands and surfaces but the social and economic cost is bloody inconvenient and unsustainable I believe.

I also believe vaccination by any of the options appears to offer the best currently available solution to minimise the Covid virus risks of getting sick and worst of all – spreading it to others!

I am expressing my own views here – I encourage all members to get vaccinated to minimise risk to yourselves and other members. Even if you personally object, please do it for others. We still wish to enjoy social gatherings of all members safely. Almost all of us have benefited from vaccinations against other diseases such as polio, measles, diphtheria, mumps, cholera, etc.

Venues such as RMYC, clubs, cafes will set their own eligibility entry requirements which will bind us and our outdoor activities such as BBQs will probably have mandated conditions re numbers, masks, vaccination requirements etc. I HOPE WE DON’T HAVE TO MAKE THOSE DECISIONS.

If all are vaccinated there will be no problems.

Whilst not wishing to encourage nebulous debate about issues that I, as an individual cannot resolve I can see that a certain amount of altruism is required by all members for the benefit of the Club. The dictionary defines altruism as “the attitude of caring about others and doing acts that help them although you do not gain for yourself.” In simple terms this usually means helping others often in simple ways such as cooking at a club BBQ, cleaning up, writing minutes of meetings, managing the sign on sheets at meetings, assisting with technical issues, organising events, financial and secretarial duties. Our club members have an enviable history of altruistic behaviour, most recently the Alastair Browne case and I am confident, knowing members as I do, that we will all do our best for each other.

Socially, last night Sue and I enjoyed a legal and much appreciated 5-person twilight gathering with drinks and takeaway dinner at the Bayview Park near the tennis courts with Clive Atkinson, David & Diane Rundle. I hope others are getting out to legally mix and laugh again.

Mechanically, on the Jag soft top frame job I have been replacing old rusty screws with new stainless-steel ones and am persevering with fettling the tacking strip to which the rear of the hood attaches to the body. This is a trial & error fit and very frustrating. Dave Rundle tells me he has spent much time cleaning 2 sets of wire spoke wheels – spoke by spoke – masochistic to say the least, but so are many of our restoration tasks as you know.

Hood frame from the parts book.

Hood frame re assembled

Nice shiny stainless-steel screws for the tacking strip – all mild rusty steel back in 1967!


Happy motoring

Kind Regards,

Kerry Benson


Events Update from your Vice President David Cawthorn

m: 0413 998 971

The Shannons Sydney Classic 2021

This week we heard from CMC (The Council of Motor Clubs) that as The Shannons Sydney Classic 2021 was unable to be held due to the Covid Restrictions Greater Sydney was under the Show was postponed, as CMC was negotiated with ARDC for another available date.

Originally, CMC were looking for a date in November or perhaps early December, unfortunately Sydney Motor Park is fully booked for those weekends, so CMC moved their aspirations towards April/May 2022.

CMC have now heard back from ARDC and after considering their prior bookings and commitments, they were unable to offer CMC any weekends in the first half of 2022.

ARDC did offer the weekend of 13/14th August 2022 and CMC has agreed to this date.  Prior PMEA bookings, tickets, etc. will all be valid for the new date and any additional members requiring tickets should contact me.


New PMEA windscreen banners have been procured, these are available for $25 each, please log-in to the Members section of the website and go to Club Shop where you will find a picture and instructions on how to order. Should you have any difficulties, please contact me directly.

The Michael Andrews Memorial Trophy (MAT) has concluded for another year. Points are recorded for attendance at every General Meeting and all Events. I will be presenting the MAT Trophy to the winner at an upcoming General Meeting, after the AGM, with a new date to be announced. Please do coming along to this meeting when PMEA present this and our other club awards for 2020/2021 and congratulate the winners.

Keep those wheels turning

David Cawthorn

Vice President & Events.