20th AUGUST 2021

Hello from your President Kerry Benson

m: 0409 860 001

The future has become impossible for planning as you are aware. Events are still planned but cannot proceed until Covid regulations allow. We must change with the times – “If you do what you always do, you’ll get what you always got!”

Welfare of members and families is a priority as the isolation affects us all in different ways. Chatting with others is a basic human necessity. Our club fosters association with others and it is always pleasing to observe the banter after meetings which all enjoy so much as well as the interaction on Sunday runs, BBQs etc. Members who are ill or living alone might especially welcome some contact calls, texts, or emails from others. We do not publish members’ contact details, but committee members can access them and negotiate for you. I have enjoyed many “idle” chatter calls from members recently and amusing emails, not all suited for publication of course but amusing still. I thank those who have called or sent emails. I hear Tom Hall has not been well and we all wish him well. Tom is a quiet achiever, and his brilliant motorcycles have many admirers and awards. We like to know if others are not well and offer support where appropriate.

Tom Hall - Motorcycles BBQ

New membership applications are on hold until meetings resume and are only available for genuine club enthusiasts who will attend club events as agreed on the membership application and stated in Club Procedures on the website and are happy to associate frequently with other members.

AGM 7.30pm, date to be advised, 2021 - Department of Fair Trading will allow us to delay our AGM until November – after that we need to apply for an extension. However, the current committee have all nominated to continue and no new applications were received so nothing will change there.

Publicity and Communications Officer.  I am pleased to announce that Kath Hunter (member 704) has volunteered to assist with loading data onto the website and will meet with Graeme when Covid permits. Thanks Kath!

YouTube is available on your computer, smart tv, smart phone, iPad etc. and has some great motoring presentations (and some poor ones) for all to see. Just type in your search for a vehicle or event of choice and be amazed at the amount of information and entertainment that is available to fill in those Covid idle hours.

Use of historic registered vehicles is fine during lockdown so long as you fill in the logbook and use it in line with lockdown rules, i.e., you are always ‘going for food shopping or exercise’ – you are never just going for a drive to give the car a run. You can drive to have it serviced.

STAY TUNED magazine continues to be a written “voice “of our members. The usual stories about members’ journeys, restorations, historical articles etc. are in demand. Now that we are online only, Internet links can be used in our magazine so if you see some good articles – written or video please send to Andrew who will use them where appropriate.  Members love to read them. Please email articles for September to Andrew Willoughby

Historic Registration dealings. Please note that registration change from normal to Historic does not attract stamp duty for car club members. If you sell or buy a conditional registered vehicle the registration is not transferred to the new owner. The seller must cancel registration as noted on the back of reg papers & return plates. The new owner can choose normal or Conditional Historic or Classic registration if they are a club member but must show evidence of financial club membership and initiate new registration. Potential buyers of normally registered vehicles wishing to change to Historic should join a car club first before making the purchase to avoid stamp duty as car club membership is not instantaneous and involves making commitments to club activities and is not just a convenient way of getting cheap registration. Note that our club is not accepting new members until meetings resume when Covid regulations allow. Buyers may wish to apply for short term normal registration (e.g., 3 mths) in the interim.

Clive Atkinson & David Rundle 2017

Assistant Secretary - Rose Fuller

The Good Old Day - McCarrs Creek BBQ

Kind Regards,

Kerry Benson


Events Update from your Vice President David Cawthorn

m: 0413 998 971

Another cancellation, this time around All French Car Day on the rescheduled date of 26th September. That’s 2 years in a row... Sacre bleu!!

It’s of course one of the highlights on my calendar, as are all the larger car display events. Seems we can pretty much forget the rest of displays for 2021. Weren’t we extremely lucky to have held our own RMYC Charity Day in late May!

Now that lockdown has been extended to the end of September, I’ve now cancelled all Events until then. This won’t come as a surprise to anybody, I’m sure. October will most likely be the same. Doesn’t look like we’ll be able to have any meetings or our AGM anytime soon either.

It is essential to regularly check the PMEA website for up-to-date information and amendments.

All future PMEA Events and General Meetings will naturally be subject to the current COVID rules at that time.


Don’t Forget

New PMEA windscreen banners have been procured, these are available for $25 each, please log-in to the Members section of the website and go to Club Shop where you will find a picture and instructions on how to order. Should you have any difficulties, please contact me directly.

The Michael Andrews Memorial Trophy (MAT) has concluded for another year. Points are recorded for attendance at every General Meeting and all Events. I will be presenting the MAT Trophy to the winner at an upcoming General Meeting, after the AGM, with a new date to be announced. Please do coming along to this meeting when PMEA present this and our other club awards for 2020/2021 and congratulate the winners.

Keep those wheels turning

David Cawthorn

Vice President & Events.