Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)



A classic vehicle is over 30 years old and has been modified. PMEA strongly suggest that you read the information on Classic Vehicles on the RMS. Click HERE

Process for initial registration (see below for Renewal of Registration)

Download Classic Vehicle Declaration Form no.1835 from RMS.  Also download the Application for Conditional Registration Form no.1246 which you will present later to a Club Vehicle Examiner and show your Club Membership Card to prove financial membership of PMEA. Click on the links for the forms and complete as much information as you can:

Organise a vehicle inspection by an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station (AUVIS) to get an Inspection Report (Blue Slip) and a Compliance Certificate if necessary. The Examiner also needs to sign the Vehicle Identification section on page 3 of the 1246 Form.

PMEA recommend two stations locally –

Anthony Cirillo (Club examiner), Cromer Motors
36 Orlando Rd, Cromer.
Ph: 9982 7317

Jason Inkster, Precision Automatics
15 Tengah Crescent, Mona Vale.
Ph: 9997 8853

Next there is an interim process to complete before presenting to RMS for registration.

You must send your documents by mail to the Council of Motor Clubs NSW inc. (CMC) at the address below.  All CVS vehicles registrations are processed by the CMC.  They are an Approved Organisation and their Responsible Person will sign your Declaration and return the documents to you by Express Post. Mail the documents listed below to:

CMC, PO Box 174, Bexley NSW 2207.

Original Classic Vehicle Declaration Form (No copies!)

Copy only of Inspection Report (blue slip) Do not send original!

Pay the fee of $30 which includes Express return post. EFT or cheque as below.

Please be sure your EFT payment is identified by your surname.

BSB:  633 000. Account:  186322772 Account Name: CMC (Bendigo Bank, Bexley branch)

To conditionally register a vehicle in the Classic Vehicle Scheme, you must present the following to Service NSW:

  • Classic Vehicle Declaration completed by the Responsible Person and not more than 42 days old.
  • Authorized Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Report not more than 42 days old (consisting of a Safety Check, Identity Check and Design Check).
  • Compliance Certificate (if required)
  • Vehicle Import Approval (if the vehicle is imported
  • Application for Conditional Registration completed by the Applicant
  • Proof of Registration Entitlement (e.g. receipt of purchase)
  • Proof of identity (e.g. NSW Driver Licence)
  • The appropriate fee

Remember to request a Log Book to get 60 days of use in addition to club days. The Log Book must be filled in each time before the vehicle goes on the road or it is not registered. However, NO log book entry is required on club days.  Other drivers can use your vehicle but must be recorded in the Log Book each day of use.

A Certificate of Approved Operations will be issued with number plates.  It details the conditions applicable to the operation of the vehicle and must be carried in the vehicle whenever the vehicle is used on a road or road related area.  It also indicates if the Log Book system applies.


Fill out the Classic Vehicle Declaration RMS Form 1835 and take it to be inspected by a Club Examiner.  Take your Membership Card with you to prove current financial membership.

If the vehicle passes inspection the Examiner will stamp the Form.

Mail the original stamped Classic Vehicle Declaration, completed Check list of Requirements of the Classic Vehicle Scheme and a copy of a Safety Check Report to the CMC at the address listed previously and pay the fee of $30 as described before. They will record details and return the documents to you. Should you wish firther explanation of the current requirements, please refer to the Changes to the Classic Vehicle Scheme Registration Process dated 10th October 2022.

Take the documents to Service NSW to pay and renew the Conditional Registration and receive a new Log Book.

Registration is a matter between the owner who is the registered operator, the CMC and the RMS. PMEA accepts no responsibility for vehicle registration except to validate current financial membership.

If the operator changes clubs during the currency of the Conditional Registration, a Classic Vehicle Declaration proving vehicle and operator eligibility for the new club is required.

Important: The Classic Vehicle Declaration must be completed entirely and stamped by the Approved Organisation and the Primary Club

For information on how and when you use your LOG BOOK, Click HERE for the Transport NSW Fact Sheet.