Classic Vehicle Scheme (CVS)


Please note that PMEA will not stamp or sign registration documents until an authorised club vehicle examiner (details below) physically inspects the vehicle.


A classic vehicle is over 30 years old and has been modified. P.M.E.A. strongly suggest that you read the information on Classic Vehicles on the RMS. Click HERE

Process for initial registration (see below for Renewal of Registration)

Follow the process for initial registration on the RMS web site above. Key points to note for P.M.E.A. members:

1.        P.M.E.A. is affiliated with the Council of Motor Clubs (C.M.C.)

    a.   Refer to requirements at the C.M.C website:

2.        Download and complete the following forms:

     a.   Application for Conditional Registration (Form 1246)

    b.   Classic Vehicle Declaration (Form 1835)

    c.   C.M.C. Checklist Declaration

   d.   Car/Truck/Bus or Motorcycle Examiner checklist

3.     All vehicle applications for initial Classic Vehicle Scheme registration require an Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report (Blue Slip) and a Compliance Certificate (if necessary).  These MUST be obtained from one of P.M.E.A.’s authorised Vehicle Inspectors. Third party Blue or Pink Slips will not be accepted by P.M.E.A.

4.        Form 1835, C.M.C. Checklist Declaration (with the Blue Slip) must be presented with the vehicle to a P.M.E.A. authorised Vehicle Inspector to be completed on behalf of the club, see link below for current Inspectors.

Forms will not be completed without physical inspection of the vehicle by a P.M.E.A. authorised Vehicle Inspector.

5.        Before applying for registration at Service NSW documents must be approved by C.M.C. as  detailed below.

You must send your documents by mail to the Council of Motor Clubs NSW inc. (CMC) at the address below.  All CVS vehicles registrations are processed by the CMC.  They are an Approved Organisation and their Responsible Person will sign your Declaration and return the documents to you by post. Mail the documents listed below to:

  • CMC, PO Box 174, Bexley NSW 2207.
  • Original Classic Vehicle Declaration Form (No copies!)
  • Copy only of Inspection Report (blue slip) Do not send original!
  • Pay the fee of $25 which includes return post. EFT or cheque as below.
  • Please be sure your EFT payment is identified by your surname.
  • BSB:  633 000. Account:  186322772 Account Name: CMC (Bendigo Bank, Bexley branch)

6.        Once documents are returned from C.M.C., application may be made to R.M.S. at a Service NSW site for registration. Refer to the website listed above for R.M.S. requirements. C.V.S registration cannot be done on-line.


C.V.S. renewal of registration follows the same process as initial registration except:

1.        Form 1246 is not required.

2.        Safety Inspection Report (Pink Slip) is required instead of a Blue Slip. These can be obtained at a P.M.E.A. authorised Vehicle Inspector.

NOTE: You must request a printed report as a copy is required by C.M.C.

VEHICLE EXAMINER’S CHARGES. Effective from the 1st July 2024, P.M.E.A’s authorised Vehicle Examiners are guided by a recommended fee schedule:

  • Initial CVS application: $150.00
  • CVS renewal: $120.00

A list of P.M.E.A.’s authorised inspectors is shown at the bottom of this website’s Home Page together with all their contact details. Please contact them to arrange an appointment prior to your vehicle’s inspection.


Information on how and when you use your LOG BOOK, Click HERE for the Transport NSW Fact Sheet.